The Best Mixing & Mastering
The Best Mixing & Mastering

You Pick the Price

In a musical world where engineers often overvalue their product with outrageous prices, is a firm believer in "Do Right. Leave the Consequences to God." The details we bring to your mix, will be surpassed by none.


Once you decide on a song you need mixed/mastered, you will make a minimum $25 non-refundable deposit via PayPal. (If you want your project at the top of the list, you will make a bigger deposit).


What happens next...


1. Your song will be mixed/mastered.


2. A snippet of the song will be uploaded to your Box account for your final payment evaluation.


3. Once you receive the snippet, you will decide what you feel the work is worth and make the appropriate final payment via PayPal.


4. Once payment is received, you will receive the entire song for your evaluation. At this point, we will make any changes you feel will enhance the mix.

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