The Best Mixing & Mastering
The Best Mixing & Mastering

Studio Queue

Mixing Priority goes to the highest deposit. 

If you would like your song to get top priority, send a payment greater than the position you are trying to achieve by $25 increments. (For example, if you are trying to get top priority over a project that is $300, you would send a payment of $325 or greater.)

Client Project

Deposit Amount

Brian Wade Mon Premier Amour $75
Kevin Ayoola Doin' What You Told Me $50
Kevin Ayoola Welcome to the Real Life $50
Kevin Ayoola Drown It Out $50
Jimmy Degenerate Return to the Hook $25
Jimmy Degenerate With My Sorrow Beside Me $25
Jimmy Degenerate A Ghost In The Darkness $25
Cindy Leandre TBD $25

Thank You to All Our Clients!

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